Our Business

“Our mission is to web enable Next Generation Businesses like no other”

Patrick Pulvermüller, Group CEO

Inspiring Next Generation Businesses

The web has changed the world and has transformed every aspect of society. The voice of the many has amplified, empowered and inspired. People everywhere share knowledge, challenge the status quo and are improving their everyday lives. The web has revolutionised the way we think and transformed the way we feel.

Our role in this transformation is to enable businesses to succeed online. We focus on small, medium and enterprise businesses. We know that the companies that put the web at their heart; we call them ‘Next Generation Business’, are redefining commercial success. We at HEG believe that every company can benefit from harnessing the power of the internet, whoever they are and whatever their needs. Be it those who’ve never been online before or those who need assistance to improve their presence; Be it competent professionals who need powerful web tools and dedicated support to evolve their skills and their businesses; Or be it businesses and enterprises with more complex IT requirements, who need a managed solution, combining reliable hosting technology with a flexible and personal service. Our focus is to empower our customers to get the most out of the web; be that through our products, our customer support, or our ‘how to guides’.

As a Next Generation business ourselves; we are embracing new forms of working together, new ways of working with our customers and with society, through our focus on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) improvements.

Our vision is to be the first choice for those looking to make the most of what the web can do: HEG – the first choice for any Next Generation Business.

HEG is now one of Europe’s leading hosting providers, one of the largest domain registrars in the UK and a leading provider of Managed Hosting in Germany. We currently own or solely control 9 data centre facilities in Europe and USA, supported by over 1,300 employees. HEG has more than 1.7 million customers with over 7 million domain names under management.

What our clients say about HEG

“I would recommend Host Europe to all companies seeking to accelerate the digitisation of their business processes”

Michael Praetorius,

My business is 3D printed hats. Showcasing them online has added another dimension.

John W Hill,
JWH Millinery

The History of HEG at a Glance

Since 1997, HEG has grown to be one of Europe’s leading hosting providers , managing over 7 million domain names and supporting over 1.7 million customers. HEG has played a pivotal role in shaping the hosting industry and has assisted millions of businesses, whatever their size, realise the potential of the internet.

Just as the internet has changed, so has HEG. The below gives a brief summary of our development to date:

How did we get here?

  • 1997

    Webfusion and Host Europe GmbH begins trading

  • 1998

    PlusServer launches

  • 2000

    123 Reg launches

  • 2001

    DomainFactory begins trading

  • 2004

    Pipex buys Host Europe

  • 123 Reg becomes UK's number 1 registrar

  • Heart Internet launches

  • 2008

    Pipex bought by Oakley Capital

  • 2009

    Webfusion Ltd formed to make up part of Host Europe Group

  • Webfusion becomes one of the first UK web hosts to offer Microsoft Windows 2008 web hosting

  • 2009 HEG opens £2.5m data centre facility in Leeds, UK

  • t3n Magazine awards DomainFactory reseller service

  • 123 Reg reaches 2 million domain names landmark

  • 2010

    Host Europe Group bought by Montagu / Host Europe Group acquires Dynamic Net / Host Europe Group acquires Vanager

  • Webfusion ranked in The Sunday Times Deloitte Buyout Track 100

  • DomainFactory celebrates 10th anniversary

  • 123 Reg passes 500,000 customers

  • 2011

    Host Europe Group buys Heart Internet

  • Heart Internet voted 'Best Shared Hosting' in UK Internet Awards

  • DomainFactory passes 150,000 customers

  • Host Europe GmbH receives 'Trusted Cloud' certificate from TUV

  • 2012

    123 Reg launches ground-breaking new Virtual Private Server Product (VPS)

  • 123 Reg passes 3m domain names under management

  • Host Europe Group marks 15 years

  • Host Europe Group buys RedCoruna / Host Europe Group acquires Mesh Digital Ltd / Dynamic Net re-brands to Host Europe Suisse

  • Host Europe GmbH named in leaders quadrant in Experton Group's Cloud Vendor

  • 2013

    Host Europe Group bought by Cinven / Host Europe Group acquires Telefonica Online Services and DomainFactory

  • Host Europe brands begin launch of new gTLD's

  • DomainFactory passes 1m domain names under management

  • 123 Reg passes 750,000 customers

  • 2014

    Host Europe Group completes first phase of it's 'state-of-the-art' data centre re-fit in Leeds

  • DomainFactory reaches 5/5 star rating from Trust Pilot and launches 136 new TLDs

  • 123 Reg becomes largest provider of the new .london domain name

  • Host Europe Group acquires Sign-up.to / Host Europe Group becomes HEG

  • 2015

    HEG acquires intergenia AG. HEG passes 100,000 new TLDs under management

  • DomainFactory celebrates 15th anniversary, serving over 200,000 customers and more than 1.3m domain names under management

  • 123 Reg becomes largest provider of the new .wales/.cymru domain names

  • HEG acquires Paragon Internet Group

  • 2016

    Plusserver acquire MCS Computersyteme and OpenIT

  • Paragon Group UK acquires 5quidhost, Webfaction, Dataflame, Elastichosts, Mr Site, Freezone and the Domain and Shared Hosting customers of Daily Internet

  • World Hosting Days acquires Namescon; the global domain name event based in North America

  • HEG passes the 1.7m customer mark

The People Behind HEG


Patrick Pulvermüller


Andreas Palm

CEO Mass Hosting

Thomas Strohe

CEO Managed Hosting

Tobias Mohr

Group CFO

James Shutler

Group Director, Tax and Legal, Company Secretary

Matt Barry

COO Mass Hosting

Kate Cox

Group CMO

Thomas Noglik

COO Managed Hosting

Our Values

‘Our mission is to web enable next generation businesses like no other’ Patrick Pulvermüller, Group CEO

At the heart of everything that we aim to achieve, sit our company values. These values shape the way that we support our customers build our products and engage proactively with over 1,300 employees across Europe. We use these values as a source of inspiration to enhance our business for the benefit of both our customers and employees:

Our values structure is based on our HOW-WE model:


If we can, we do


We are honest and transparent with each other and our customers

We talk

We prefer talking to typing

We can

We embrace new ideas and act on them


Good isn’t good enough, the best is better; for both our customers and our company

What’s it like to work at HEG?

“Being part of a team that delivers first class web support is a rewarding challenge, unique to HEG. The business embraces new ideas; allowing us to deliver on our service excellence mantra.”

Camille Simpson,
Project Manager - SaaS

“Working for HEG encourages fresh new ideas by embracing a relaxed working atmosphere, an ethos by which our clients become our friends.”

Mark Williams,
Senior Video Editor

“Our organisational structure has been designed to best fulfil the diverse needs of our customers specifically around their different expectations of service. For this reason; HEG is split into two divisions: Managed Hosting and Mass Hosting.”

Patrick Pulvermüller, Group CEO


Mass Hosting

“We understand how our customers think and work, and equip them with all the tools they need to achieve success online”

Dr. Andreas Palm, CEO Mass Hosting

Our Mass Hosting division has helped make millions of business ideas a reality

Our Mass Hosting team focuses on a large number of businesses who require easily accessible and automated tools to manage and grow their presence online. We understand our customers’ needs and deliver them the tools for success, backing this up with industry-leading local customer support when they need it.

We deliver this through two dedicated teams within Mass Hosting. The first team focuses on customers who need higher levels of assistance to develop online. We believe that succeeding online should be achievable for all. That is why we have focused our brands; 123 Reg in the UK and DomainFactory in Germany on products and services that enable less technical customers to grow their business.

Our services are designed to be effortlessly easy and super straightforward. We focus only on the essentials, done simply, and done well – its’ a no-nonsense approach, jargon free and clearly priced.

Each brand provides easy and simple web solutions that drive business success for our customers. Our trusted products range from domain name registration, web hosting (including shared and WordPress), website builders and marketing products to help grow our customer’s businesses. We aim to simplify the process of turning an idea into an online business with simple and easy to use configurations alongside friendly, non-technical customer support.

Within this division, we also have our special interest brands in some markets such as Domainmonster in the UK; who focus on being the domain registration experts within the group and who provide domain registration technology across all of our brands. We also have Sign-up.to – our email marketing specialist who leverage their products and services across the group.

Our second team focuses on customers who want to build their web presence themselves. These customers may be web developers, designers/resellers or technically adept business owners. We provide them the right tools for the job. Our brands, Host Europe in Germany, Spain and Switzerland and Heart Internet in the UK focus on products and services from domain names, professional web hosting, software-as-a-service products and virtualised server environments tailored to our customer’s needs.

As experts ourselves, we understand what our customers want and we know how important reliable and well-designed services that work first time are for them. From building a website to optimising core aspects of a server, our products and services are designed to work simply. Our all in one guides put businesses in control and our responsive, local customer support team are always on hand to provide expert-to-expert advice.

Within this division, we also have our special interest international hosting brands: Server4you and Serverloft.

Mass hosting breakdown:

Assist Me Clients

“70 per cent of our sales come through our website and if we are not on the first spot on search engines, we see a sales drop. If we didn’t have a website, we would be dead in the water.”

Alan Clark,

“Being online means that anybody from around the world can find me and find out what I do. Running my website has pushed me to learn new online skills to help my business grow.”

Jonathan Westwood-Hill,
JWH Millinery

Brands Product Offerings Core countries
123 Reg Domain Names UK
DomainFactory Make Me A Website Germany
Website Builder
Web Hosting
Online Shop
Business Email
Marketing Tools

Equip Me Clients

“Our web server and online test systems are critical to our success. To us every single Euro spent with Host Europe is a sound investment.”

Daniel Halbe, IT-Manager,

“In Host Europe we have found a hosting partner who can offer us the high performance IT infrastructure and the service we need. And at a reasonable cost.”

Christoph Rahles, Head of IT Operations,
Beko Käuferportal GmbH

Brands Product Offerings Core countries
Host Europe Domain Names Germany
Heart Internet Web Hosting UK
Host Europe Iberia Server Hosting Spain
Reseller Hosting
Marketing Tools
Business Exchange Email

HEG employs exceptional and talented members of staff who deliver a range of services within these specialised divisions. These two business divisions work to provide customers with the best levels of support, whatever their needs.


HEG Brands

Heart Internet
Heart Internet
Domain Factory
Domain Factory
Host Europe
Host Europe
World Hosting Days
World Hosting Days
Paragon Internet Group
Paragon Internet Group

Managed Hosting

“With our acquisition of intergenia AG in December 2014, HEG is a leading Managed Hosting provider in Germany.”

Thomas Strohe, CEO Managed Hosting

We understand your industry, your business and you as an individual

Our managed hosting brand, PlusServer provides the technological benefits that come with being one of Germany’s Managed Hosting leading companies: reliability, security, dependability; alongside the benefits of a personal approach with 24/7 expert to expert customer support, alongside a clear understanding of customer needs.

PlusServer understands clients need for the reliability and security that they might expect from a big provider, but that they also want the informality and closeness of a relationship with a smaller, non-corporate player. PlusServer offers the best of both worlds.

In short, flexibility, responsiveness, and adaptability.

With thousands of business customers, PlusServer offers fully customisable cloud hosting solutions matched with the highest performance and availability.

In short: flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability

Brands Product Offerings Core countries
PlusServer Dedicated Server Solutions Germany
E-commerce Solutions
Managed Cloud
Bespoke Web Solutions
Web Infrastructure
Web and Email Clusters

Data Centres

“HEG’s recent Data Centre investments ensure market-leading performance across Europe and facilitate further footprint expansion”

Carsten Sjørup, CTO, Mass Hosting

HEG Data Centres

HEG operates some of the most innovative and efficient Data Centre facilities in Europe and USA. Behind every website and web service sits a data centre and that is why it is critical that businesses are backed by a reliable and secure infrastructure from a provider they can trust.

We take this commitment incredibly seriously and understand the importance of a first-class service coupled with an assurance of transparent accountability. We run and control 9 state of the art facilities across Europe and USA.

Data Centres location map


We build our Data Centres with our customers in mind. This means your business is part of a highly secure network infrastructure and as such our systems aren’t reliant on third party solutions. This means we are able to maintain complete control over the service that we offer our customers.

We invest in expert technicians to staff our Data Centres, 24/7, every day of the year. Our onsite personnel deploy the toughest security measures including ultra-strict access control, extensive CCTV coverage and online firewall protection. All of our state-of-the-art Data Centre facilities are fully equipped with advanced fire detection and suppression systems, which keep our customers data 100% secure, even in the event of a disaster beyond our control.

HEG operates some of the most efficient and reliable Data Centres in Europe and the USA. Our climate controlled environment provides efficient cooling, while reducing costs and lowering the environmental impact. Our facility in Cologne has been certified with a 4 and 5 eco Data Centre Star Audit for highest quality and security. Our Leeds facility is one of the most energy efficient Data Centres in the UK, and our Tier 3 facility in Strasbourg, boasts an impressive PUE rating of 1.18, making it one of the most economical and reliable sites in Europe.

By operating our own network, we have multiple points of presence across Europe which means we have access to mammoth reserves of bandwidth – enough to comfortably service every single customer, even when running at full capacity. As our Data Centres operate across Europe, we are able to offer optimum availability and with fail-safe operations, designed for multi-redundancy.

We have clearly defined KPIs and monitoring to ensure optimal performance:

  • Capacity management of Data Centres
  • Capacity management of Network
  • Annual security audits according to ISO27001 rules
  • Live availability data
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports for all relevant operational components
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Location based and custom built
  • Maximum security, fully protected hardware and fully protected data



“We have built an outstanding model for future growth and sustainability and our values and capabilities drive our future successes”

Tobias Mohr, Group CFO

Welcome to HEG’s investor relations centre

This section contains important management and financial information. HEG is a pan-European digital enabler offering end-to-end domain and hosting solutions for both SMEs and large corporations. HEG has over 1.7 million customers (and delivers on high levels of satisfaction; offering best in class internet infrastructure. HEG aims to utilise its robust organisational structure and platforms to drive both organic and inorganic growth.


HEG is owned by Cinven, who acquired the business in August 2013. Cinven is a leading European private equity firm, founded in 1977, with offices in Guernsey, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and New York. Its European focus and expertise are complemented by an ability to capitalise on global growth opportunities through its offices in Asia and the Americas.

Cinven focuses on six sectors: Business Services, Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrials, and Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT). Cinven acquires successful, high-quality companies and works with them to help them grow and develop, using its proven value-creation strategies, communities, the environment and society.

Cinven’s strategy is to invest in the business to meet the fast growing demand for hosting services in its core markets, grow the value of its large existing customer base through both cross-selling and up-selling additional applications and services and to use the group as a platform to consolidate the fragmented European hosting market.

HEG’s market position has been secured through investment in its infrastructure, marketing and the leadership team. These features, in combination with strong structural growth in its markets, make HEG a compelling investment opportunity.

As such, we have identified four key areas to sustain our future growth:

  1. Focus on outstanding customer service
  2. Continue concentration on helping businesses develop their online presence
  3. Consolidate and integrate
  4. SaaS and SME’s

HEG has built an attractive financial profile:

  • High margin business in an attractive and healthy industry
  • Healthy and sustainable revenue / EBITDA growth
  • Two sizeable business segments (mass and managed hosting) with strong market positions
  • High cash conversion/generation of approx. 70% (FCF before tax / EBITDA)

HEG Size and Profitability

HEG is an established leader in its core geographies and has strong potential for future and continued growth. As a responsible hosting provider, HEG is committed to the requirements of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). We have dedicated teams across our business tasked with developing our environmental, social and governance framework. Corporate Governance is vital to HEG’s continued market leading position, and we constantly review our risks. Environmental sustainability plays a crucial role in our overall framework and we are fully committed to driving down our overall carbon footprint


2013 Annual Review
2014 Half Year Review
2014 Annual Review
2015 Half Year Review
2015 Annual Review
2016 Half Year Review

Compliance Documents

Code of Conduct (English)
Code of Conduct (German)
Fraud and Abuse Policy (English)
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy (English)
HEG Anti-slavery statement – November 2016 (English)

Our Locations



Media Centre

“HEG is committed to providing thought provoking content for media outlets helping small businesses to grow”

Thomas Costello, Head of UK PR and Communications

Latest news from HEG



SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., 06. Dezember 2016 – GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), die weltweit größte Cloud-Plattform für Kleinunternehmer, hat eine Vereinbarung zur Übernahme der Host Europe Group (HEG) unterzeichnet. Der Kaufpreis beträgt €1,69 Mrd. (US$1,79 Mrd.), einschließlich €605 Mio. für die veräußernden Gesellschafter und €1,08 Mrd. an übernommenen Finanzverbindlichkeiten. Die Transaktion wurde von dem Verwaltungsrat von GoDaddy […]

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GoDaddy Acquires Host Europe Group, Becomes Market Leader In Europe For Small Business Cloud Services


12/06/2016 SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Host Europe Group (HEG) for €1.69 billion (US$1.79 billion), including €605 million paid to the selling shareholders and €1.08 billion in assumed […]

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SiteLock Partners With 123 Reg For Website Security Solutions


London, UK, Oct. 6, 2016: SiteLock and 123 Reg will offer existing customers website security solutions to find, fix, and prevent website vulnerabilities. The partnership will also provide automatic malware detection and remediation to further secure the infrastructure. “SiteLock understands how critical website security is for our customers and their businesses,” saidRichard Winslow, 123 Reg Brand […]

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SMEs missing out on £21bn Christmas bonus due to lack of digital knowledge


· Lack of digital skills resulted up to £21bn in lost revenue for Britain’s SME’s last Christmas · Only half (48%) of smaller businesses are mobile friendly in run up to ‘first mobile Christmas’ · 123 Reg helping small businesses improve e-retail offering in run up to Christmas 26th September (London): UK SMEs lost £21 […]

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5th September, London: Research has shown that 85% of micro-businesses in the UK lack basic digital skills, reporting that time, money and confidence are the biggest barriers to getting online. This has led to only around a third (38%) of them having a website; the lack of visibility rising for one-man-band businesses, only half of […]

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